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Undoubtedly the reigning champion of South African pop art, Fringe's artistic prowess shines through his captivating paintings on canvas and his intricately crafted figurative plastic and bronze sculptures. His journey is a fusion of prolific creativity and well-timed solo exhibitions that have propelled his distinctive series to the forefront.

The globe, has witnessed the resounding success of thirteen major solo exhibitions, all of which saw a complete sell-out of his captivating pieces. Born to planet earth, in the late 70’s, we believe that Fringe transitioned from a background in graphic design to the realm of fine art. It was possibly this shift that allowed him to seamlessly blend branding symbols with thought-provoking imagery, resulting in multimedia creations and sculptures that resonate.

What defines Fringe's trajectory is his unceasing evolution, is that each of his exhibitions stands as a testament to his growth as an artist, with every showcase offering a unique and unprecedented experience. The breadth of his artistic discipline encompasses the application of oils on canvas, the harmonious fusion of mixed media, and the creation of striking sculptures using both resin and bronze.

Fringe's sculpture, 'Gutinke Meine'—which translates to 'my good one'—exemplifies his masterful skill with both resin and bronze mediums. This artwork stands as a testament to Fringe's ability to transcend traditional boundaries and bridge the gap between materials. Through 'Gutinke Meine,' he invites viewers to engage with the fusion of form and meaning, offering a unique perspective on artistic expression that echoes his evolution as a dynamic creator."


Fringe’s solo exhibitions have included the following:

  • The Very Definition (South Africa, Germany 2017)
  • Don’t Blink (South Africa, Germany 2018)
  • Porsche 911 exhibition (Desom Luxembourg, 2019)
  • No Seriously (South Africa, Germany 2020).
  • In December 2021 he held a Solo show at Gallery 508 in London.
  • In February 2022, he held a solo exhibition, titled Calculus of Joy, at Scapegoat Gallery in Hyde Park.
  • VIK gallery in Milan, April 2022
  • Calculus of Joy – Galerie Augustine – September 2022
  • MEC Museum Palermo, October 2022
  • In the best of all possible worlds – Frank Fluegel Galerie Germany, November 2023.


His work has also been exhibited at Schloss Monais (Trier, Germany, 2020), Gallery 508 Chelsea (London, 2021) and Luxembourg Art Fair where he was an Art Prize participant (Luxembourg, 2020; 2021).

His international galleries include Scapegoat Gallery (South ASfrtica), The White Room Gallery (Hamptons, US), One Small Gallery (Massachusetts, US), Galerie Augustin (Vienna, Austria), Frank Fluegel Galerie (Kitzbuehel, Austria & Nuremburg, Germany), Vic Gallery (Milan, Italy) and MEC Art Gallery (Palermo, Italy).