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Creative Feel

Daville Baillie Gallery Johannesburg and Fringe presents “Don’t Blink” The opening of Fringe’s solo exhibition on 2 September, from 11:00, coincides with the eagerly anticipated launch of the Vi...

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Art Times

AT FEATURE: POP GOES THE FAMILY MAN | DAVILLE GALLERY WWW.DAVILLE.CO.ZA By Matthew Krouse The artist known simply as FRINGE completed a year-long rollout of prints in May. He releas...

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News Anyway

The Artistic Anarchy of Fringe: Unleashing Chaos, Controversy, and Canned Tuna People, be ready because the art world is about to become even more fringe! As the daring and unabashed...

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News Today

  “Fringe Unleashed: The Wildest Art Show You’ll Ever Attend!” 30/07/2023Claire James Fringe shines as a beacon of unbridled creativity and unashamed invention in a world where conformity...

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The Daily Scanner

Unveiling Fringe: The Artist Who Obliterates Boundaries and Raises Eyebrows with Mind-Blowing Artistry BY CHRISTOPHER HARPUR ON JUNE 26, 2023 Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for a creative wh...

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New York Weekly

The Art of Fringe, A Boundary-Pushing Visionary Reinventing the World of Contemporary Art   Images internally provided Fringe, a groundbreaking contemporary artist, is renowned for hi...

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Net News Ledger

South African Artist Fringe Blurs Cultural Lines with Mind-Expanding Creations   Renowned contemporary artist Fringe takes the world by storm with his thought-provoking and boundary-pushing creat...

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LA Entertainment Weekly

Unleashing a New Wave of Artistry: How Fringe Redefines Contemporary Creativity with Daring Brand Fusion The contemporary art scene is always in a state of flux, with new artists and st...

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Elite Luxury News

Breaking Boundaries in Modern Art: Fringe's Innovative Blend of Bold Design and Iconic Brand SynergyFringe, a brilliant and groundbreaking contemporary artist, is taking the art world by storm with...

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SA Jewish Report

Seriously, who is Fringe? Published  4 years ago  on  Feb 27, 2020 By  admin OWN CORRESPONDENT What can you tell us about yourself? I’m an artist, I’m a businessman, and a family m...

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