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Stress Narcotika

In the realm of artistic innovation, Fringe, the visionary artist, has conjured a mesmerizing concept for his upcoming 2024 exhibition. At the heart of this showcase lies a fictitious prescription tablet, a creation of Fringe's vivid imagination, designed to mould stress according to your desires.

Unlocking the Mind's Canvas

Imagine a world where stress is no longer an uncontrollable force but a malleable medium waiting to be sculpted. Fringe's mind-altering prescription tablet promises just thatβ€”an artful intersection of science fiction and the human psyche.

The Pill's Promise

Fringe's creation holds the promise of shaping stress into a personalized experience. Whether it be tranquillity, excitement, or introspection, this fictitious tablet becomes a tool for individuals to curate their emotional landscapes.

Diving into Fringe's Imagination

Explore the depths of Fringe's creative mind as he takes us on a journey through the genesis of this revolutionary concept. How did he conceive the idea? What emotions and experiences inspired him to explore the intersection of pharmaceutical fantasy and artistic expression?

Art as Alchemy

The exhibition delves into the alchemical transformation of stress into a medium of artistic expression. Through visual art, installations, and perhaps even interactive experiences

Fringe invites attendees to reconsider their relationship with stress and its potential for metamorphosis.

Join the Conversation

As we anticipate the unveiling of Fringe's 2024 exhibition, let's embark on a prelude to the artistic revolution he promises. Join the conversation, share your thoughts, and prepare to witness the birth of a ground breaking exploration into the realms of stress and artistic innovation.


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Gutinke Meine
Gutinke Meine Sale priceR 180,000.00 ZAR
Gutinke Meine
Gutinke Meine Sale priceR 180,000.00 ZAR
I am part of the system
I am part of the system Sale priceR 330,000.00 ZAR
YOLK Sale priceR 300,000.00 ZAR
Let it shape you
Let it shape you Sale priceR 160,000.00 ZAR
Another side of the story
Another side of the story Sale priceR 300,000.00 ZAR
The Mission
The Mission Sale priceR 160,000.00 ZAR
I was already there
I was already there Sale priceR 210,000.00 ZAR
Red, Yellow and Blue
Red, Yellow and Blue Sale priceR 160,000.00 ZAR
Matter Sale priceR 180,000.00 ZAR
He had a lot to say
He had a lot to say Sale priceR 180,000.00 ZAR
Narcotika Sale priceR 180,000.00 ZAR
Leave the light on
Leave the light on Sale priceR 160,000.00 ZAR
Guiding light
Guiding light Sale priceR 160,000.00 ZAR
The waking child
The waking child Sale priceR 160,000.00 ZAR
It's not the end
It's not the end Sale priceR 160,000.00 ZAR
In-Out Sale priceR 160,000.00 ZAR
Sold outSomething better
Something better Sale priceR 160,000.00 ZAR
Shape It
Shape It Sale priceR 380,000.00 ZAR
Going somewhere
Going somewhere Sale priceR 160,000.00 ZAR
More than a bird
More than a bird Sale priceR 715,000.00 ZAR