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Clarke - Gutinke Meine

Sale priceR 180,000.00 ZAR

Artist: Fringe

Clarke - Gutinke Meine 

Size: 30cm x 30cm x 30cm 

Hand painted Unique 

Signed by Fringe 


Gutinke Meine (My Good One) is a term of endearment. Directed at children, or lovers, ‘Gutinke Meine’ is language made soft. 
In the most recent sculptures of Fringe, it is softness made solid. The metaphorical essence of the work monumentalises the joyful moments of childhood, epitomised in the fantasy of animals as companions and friends. 
The sculpture is imagined as a love of the child, and of the family as a whole. But as an abandoned toy, now situated in memory, the moment of its usefulness is past, yet it is still shrouded in affection.