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Should I run for President

Sale priceR 22,500.00 ZAR

Artist: Fringe 

Title: Should I run for President?

Media: Giclee Print, meticulously crafted with archival pigment  

Limited edition bearing the artists name and signature 

Edition size 25


"Should I Run for President?" is the first artwork in the Stress Narcotika series, a thought-provoking Fringe artwork. This captivating piece explores the concept of Superman, the iconic superhero, contemplating the idea of running for president. Through this artwork, the artist delves into the complexities of power, responsibility, and the blurred lines between fiction and reality. It invites viewers to question the role of superheroes in our society and the impact they can have on political landscapes. With its striking imagery and thought-provoking subject matter, "Should I Run for President?" challenges us to reflect on the potential implications of superhuman figures entering the political arena.

Should I run for President
Should I run for President Sale priceR 22,500.00 ZAR