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Sale priceR 150,000.00 ZAR

Artist: Fringe


Size: 30cm x 30cm x 30cm 

Hand painted Unique 

Signed by Fringe 

Lemonade: Inhabiting the natural world, allows one a natural life. The figure sits waiting, as the sun rises in a field of molten green. The sculpture is like a ray of sunlight filtering through the trees. It has an illusion of timelessness.  

Gutinke Meine, 'My Sweetheart', a sculpture series by Fringe, is created to represent his alter ego. The artist’s grandmother called him this in his childhood.

The character is childlike but seems to inhabit no fixed time, so it’s a kind of historical toy. It looks futuristic and forlorn but also retro and cute. These intriguing contradictions in its personality allow for human traits to shine through.

Gutinke Meine gives Fringe space to play, and create various effects. The character has been adorned with Andy Warhol’s flowers, Klimt's garden, Van Gogh's sunflowers and super hero costumes 

Gutinke Meine pops up in the paintings of Fringe as a central character with real concerns. There is a universal warmth about it, Gutinke Meine being the ordinary person dealing with all kinds of love and deep human matters of the heart. These narratives accompany the character in the paintings as text.

The sculpture series is created in bronze and acrylic, with various colors and finishes of gloss and matt.
LEMONADE - GUTINKE MEINE Sale priceR 150,000.00 ZAR