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F&*k This Noise [FTN]

Sale priceR 15,000.00 ZAR

F&*k This Noise [FTN]

100cm x 70cm 

Edition 40

FTN is the latest print by Fringe in his Facsimile series, created  in a remarkable year of crazy art production, and even crazier human interaction. 
In his developing sketchpad style, Fringe gets to the heart of the matter. The series is the artist’s most personal work to date. The naked heart signals an open wound, revealing deeply held private stuff. 
Pinocchio is bleeding. We assume from the tale that the wooden kid lacks blood. But Fringe seems to be asking whether children have the heart to understand the the parental world. FTN is about the petulant anger of children, when they are victims of adult noise.
In his Facsimile series Fringe releases one print a month for a year. FTN is the eleventh in the series that will end in May 2021.


F&*k This Noise [FTN]
F&*k This Noise [FTN] Sale priceR 15,000.00 ZAR