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100cm x 70cm 

Edition 40

FRINGE FACSIMILES is a series of colour prints, rolled out monthly over a year, by an artist forever exploring the fault-line between Pop and Life. Pop Art may depict a wonderful world of heroes and heroines, but FRINGE is here to remind us that the most heroic acts happen, not in another universe, but right here at home. Print No.6 in the series describes the games parents play to feed their kids. Anyone who’s flown a spoon into a baby’s open mouth will know the drill. But there’s more: FRINGE’s signature fried egg plays a starring role. Its yolk rises, and falls into its white albumen like an eclipse. Dated 11/11, the print is an abstract portrayal of suburban bliss. The FRINGE FACSIMILE series of prints is the artist’s most personal work to date, marking a departure from his epic, unique works about global popular culture. Moving to smaller statements about the pursuit of happiness, through direct address, FRINGE shifts focus from Pop to real life.

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