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Back by popular demand Mao

Sale priceR 160,000.00 ZAR

Artist: Fringe 

Title: Back by Popular Demand

Media: Oil on canvas 

Size: 100cm x 100cm 

Authentication certificate included 

Back by Popular Demand (Mao)

A dictator’s return really implies that he was there all the time. At least in the minds of his subjects. Mao returns sporadically, and never seems to age. The fun aspect of portraiture of past icons is in giving people back what they thought they’d lost forever.

In the present work, Mao Zedong is a marketing ploy, and a monumental support structure for Spongebob Squarepants.

My work is also gathering of greats that makes us realise how democratized images have become. How our universe is inhabited by equally fictional and non-fictional characters that we believe provide meaningful clues for us.

We just have to find the right platform on which to worship them, and now we have so many. Each is a gateway to a whole system of beliefs and inspirations and, unfortunately, dogmas as well. But when the characters are brought together in one frame, the effect is a welcome visual relief from the tired old world we see every day.


Fringe has used imagery from the mass media, from digital media, and from cartoons to movie culture, to produce Fringe paintings on canvas, figurative plastic and bronze sculptures filled with irony and satire.

Fringe’s story is a combination of high output and well-timed solo exhibitions that have launched his signature series’. He has held eight major solos, sold out exhibitions globally. Born in 1976.

Back by popular demand Mao
Back by popular demand Mao Sale priceR 160,000.00 ZAR